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      Humbled by Your Generosity!

$6000 goal surpassed!

UPDATE:  On July 29-30 #themarshalleffect partnered with Vacation Races and Wander Project to raise much needed funds for mental health therapy through their charity bib program.  Ryan’s Grandma Suzanne and friends participated in this family friendly 5k and half marathon and together raised over $6200!  This equates to over 40 weeks of individual and group skills sessions for a person at risk of suicide.  Thank you to our runners who worked hard to raise money while training … and to all who donated on their behalf.  For more details on the team members and their results, read our latest newsletter.

Note:  DO NOT register through the Home Page of Vacation Races.  See below

Here’s how the charity bib program works;  Rather than paying a registration fee, you can sign up for a charity bib and raise money to run or walk one or both courses.  If you choose the half marathon Saturday morning, you must raise a minimum of $1000, or pay the difference.  To run the 5K Friday evening, you must raise $500.  And if you’re truly into running/walking, and just can’t get enough, you can opt to do the Elk Double (5K Friday evening and half marathon Saturday morning) and raise $1250. Funds raised by joining our team through the charity bib program (less 10% admin costs for Wander Project) will go to #themarshalleffect to continue funding therapy for individuals at risk of suicide.

If you don’t want to participate, but wish to support a team member, go to #themarshalleffectteam, choose the team member from the list at the bottom of the page, and click on donate.

Join Ryan’s Grandma Suzanne and friends for an incredible adventure!

Thank you to Vacation Races and Wander Project For your Support!!!

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