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Your gift to #themarshalleffect will impact lives in a very real way. For example, in late December 2020, #themarshalleffect was contacted by our collaborating DBT therapy group in the Denver area about a young woman who had been progressing in the program, but had lost her job due to COVID. We were delighted to provide funding of their therapy for as long as was needed. Happily, we have been told that they graduated from the program in September 2021, and were doing extremely well. Thanks to all who have donated, this young woman has changed the course of their life!

Since that time, we have funded numerous clients, including several teens, while expanding our list of collaborators to include the Denver area, Fort Collins, Boulder, and most recently Steamboat Springs. Many have graduated from the program, including most recently a 16-year-old, who now has a future life worth living.

This is how your dollars can help save lives:

  • $5000 will provide 20 individual therapy sessions + 6 months of Group Skills
  • $2500 will provide 13 individual therapy sessions + 14 weeks Group Skills
  • $1000 will provide 6 weeks of both individual therapy and Group Skills
  • $500 will provide 3 weeks of both individual therapy sessions and Group Skills

For more information on how your business can provide needed mental health therapy, please check out our Sponsor Packet here. If you would like to become a sponsor, contact Suzanne at (970)290-7355 or

Thank you again for your interest.

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